Anonymous: omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???


This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

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look me in the eye and tell me that none of the initials in “ITT Technical Institute” already stand for “technical” or “institute”


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me as hell

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OH YOU’RE MY FRIEND???? name 3 of my albums.

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I want to finish Parks & Rec tonight, but I have to fold laundry tomorrow and Parks & Rec is my laundry show so I wouldn’t have anything to watch while folding laundry. 

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this is the worst thing to ever happen to your team 

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R.I.P. the actual meaning of the word “aesthetics” 

the way this website uses “aesthetics” is 100% in line with the dictionary definition, what’s the weather like up there on your high horse

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I want to write a Teen Wolf Notting Hill AU called Knotting Hill

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I’ll wait

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Every part of the fandom will understand how comforting this short tune is.

wow dude. I really just felt that in my heart. 20 seconds? that’s staying with me the whole night

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This is so true it’s not even funny.

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the expression “i cant say that with a straight face” comes from the fact that straight people have no sense of humour and cant tell jokes

um can you not?

are you straight because I’m sensing a lack of sense of humor

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