reading fic when suddenly, you come across it

your old foe

suddenly it’s like you’re standing in the center of a long-abandoned decimated city, on shattered concrete in the cold grey light of dawn, the silhouette of the ash swirling in the wind looking like black snow

across from you stands your faceless adversary.

ah, "lover", we meet again

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Anonymous: Why don't you use capital letters?


the kids on tumblr are more receptive to text posts that lack proper capitalization and I am a businessman

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Case closed. [@neiltyson]

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Thing that happened at store (TRUE STORY)

Me: Hello Gay Man
Gay Man: Hello
Woman: Ur bad
Kid: No he’s not
Woman: Dang it
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people who dry swallow pills go hard as hell and should not be fucked with

i used to dry swallow pills until a searing pain developed in my throat and chest and with the help of the world wide web i found out it burned a hole in my fucking throat please take your pills with water kiddies it’s worth it


One time I dry swallowed my pill and it got stuck in my throat and the coating dissolved and I coughed up a cloud of white powder and my throat was on fire and I had to deep throat popsicles for like an hour to try to sooth the pain. I don’t dry swallow that particular pill anymore. 

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sasha + connie doing their thing

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kinda hurt kinda offended kinda not planning on saying anything about it

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